Đôi nét về Ironself

Ironself is a speaker, best selling author, freelancer writer, entrepreneur, media correspondent, and the CEO of VG COPR. He is Human Matrix Expert® and coaches men who are new, aspiring, and seasoned entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and bloggers through the dating, personal development through his program, Love Wizard® and Knock Out Friendzone.

Ironself is known for resiliency and passion, topped off with a cherry of ambition. He has always been motivated to reach higher levels while simultaneously motivating others to do the same. After facing the unexpected love of his girlfriend in 2011, Ironself was led to seek therapy through training. His therapeutic training sessions led to the completion of his debut program Alpha Playlist. From there, Ironself started his training journey, contributing to national publications, and began his journey as a personal coach.

Ironself enjoys training at various events and conferences on a variety of topics to include but not limited to pushing past your pain to your purpose, turning your big dreams into reality, his expertise in the media field on pitching, and the importance of self-care. Ironself has spoken at several events as a guest speaker, panelist, to include Start-up Discussion Group, and moderator at Botmes University. He is also Admin of DSS Group.